Below you can find an attachment to my resume and a quick description of my skill set.

If you would like to know more about what I can offer to your project please send me an email and leave your contact information in the Contact section

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Areas of Proficiency/ Expertise

Unreal Editor
3D StudioMax
After Effects
Polygon and Subdivision Surface Modeling
Hi-poly to low-poly normal map transfer
Cat Rigging and Skinning
Basic Custom Rig Creation
UV Layout and Texture Creation
Character/ Prop Concept Design
General Color Theory, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture



Hey thanks for checking out my site. My name is Weston Reid and I am a Character and Environment Artist living in Atlanta. I’ve been working in the videogame industry since 2008, doing everything from level design to environment to character art,  and have been enjoying the roller coaster ride ever since. I’ve been into art all my life and really enjoy working with other creative and talented people in a team environment. Outside of art, some of my favorite things to do  are checking out local concerts, going to a baseball game for beer and hotdogs, bad 80s music,exercising, watching old ren and stimpy episodes, and of course playing videogames ( or as I tell my girlfriend, “research”)

My contact email is


  • 4042732635

New Post…Blah Blah Blah

Nothing important to note, just to quickly say Killing Floor released a mini Halloween Event on steam over the holiday featuring a new unlockable character I designed and created. He is the ” Commando Chicken”, and looks exactly as he sounds. I’ll post some pics as soon I get permission. Oh, and on Halloween morning, at 2am, my condo almost burned down after my neighbor caught his house on fire and the embers jumped over to our condo unit. Luckily myself and everyone in the community was safe and our condo didn’t burn to the ground. Unfortunately my neighbor wasn’t soo lucky and lost his home.  I don’t wanna leave this post on a bad note, so i’ll just leave this here…

Back From Vacation

Howdy all,

I just got back from five beautiful days of vacation in Cancun with my lady. We had a great time, enjoying the perfect weather, endless beers and tequila, meeting new people, and I enjoyed seeing all the tanned boobies on the beach. But without a doubt the highlight of the trip was our expedition to the Mayan ruins of Coba. Wow! One hell of a trip it was. We repelled into the mayan jungle, ziplined across another half mile of it, canoed through a alligator infested river, ate lunch with the locals, and then visited the anicent city itself. The best part was that they allowed us to climb to the top of the Coba temple and look out for as far the eye can see into the mexican jungle. It was a really exciting adventure, worth every penny. But now ‘m back to the daily grind. Only 5 more days until RO2 ships!

Welcome to the new!


After almost four years I finally decided to get off my lazy ass and update my portfolio. First let me say that after using wordpress there is no going back to dreamweaver for me. Maybe the web designers of this world would disagree, but for a 3d artist with limited web development knowledge, the ease of access and updating has been great. Since the meat and potatoes of my website is the artwork i’m not going to ramble on too long with these news updates. I will quickly mention that Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad releases Septemeber 13th, so make sure to pick it up on steam when it releases. Untill next time,